Memories on Greece

11/08/2015 21:18

My dear Greek Friends!! I lived an unforgettable experience in Greece, so many emotions and mixed feelings. I had the opportunity to know fantastic people and awesome places. I tasted delicious food and I learnt and enjoyed the “Zorba dance”. In this trip, every moment, every detail was taken care of to make us feel loved and at home. Thanks a lot Greek team for making our stay memorable. I love you and always will be in my heart and in my memory Niko, Tinos, Babis,  Fani, Maria, Katya, Vicky… I feel so grateful for being part of this amazing project. Thank you very much for everything to all our partners. We miss you so much everyone and we hope to see you soon.
Arancha. Teacher, El Paseo school. Spain


Our school , " El Paseo " in Caudete - Spain participated during two years in the " Comenius Project" with the title DANCE WITH ME . The project was aimed at final year students, 6th grade, but for lack of volunteers , our teachers asked for volunteers for various trips in the 5th grade. In our class, we went elected three of us:  Julia travelled to Portugal and José Pablo and Maria Isabel, who were lucky enough that touched them to travel to Greece. We were very excited with the preparations, the night we went, we could hardly sleep. We had to get up at 3am to go to the airport in Valencia, and although our flight left at 6:35 in the morning we had to be there two hours earlier. Our parents did not sleep much, could not get on land. At the airport we met with teachers who accompanied us , invoice luggage and finally boarded . What nerve! And with so much nervousness about we take the wrong flight , luckily they missed us and invited us to board our plane because we were missing only us. What good race in the morning! When we got to Thesalonika, we ate at the airport, expect there the partners from other countries and when we were all, a bus transfered us to Giannitsa. When arrived at school , there was a reception for all countries and there met our Greek families waiting for us with really friendly attitude . The following day our Greek colleagues had prepared for us,  tours and visits as we did to the ancient city of Pella and Vergina museum , the waterfalls of Edessa and the White Tower Thesalonika . They taught their traditional dance called SIRTAKI , nice but a bit difficult. Also families prepared activities for us and a great party that we celebrate at one of the partners´house. At the end of our days in Greece , families were presented with gifts that keep with love. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers with the intention that one day we can return to see. The experience was so rewarding that we did not want to go home, we felt short time spent away from our families and our country . The return trip did not seem so exciting.Even today, we continue to maintain contact, by skype , facebook , messenger , etc... to see and tell us how we are and how we are doing everything here and there ... and above all remember that experience that will remain forever in us. We would like to thank the program coordinator and coordinators of each country, participating teachers, our families and all who have made ​​this dream has come true. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

José Pablo and Mª Isabel, students from Spain