Memories on Poland

11/08/2015 21:26

Returning to Poland after ten years was an overwhelming experience. Revisiting Krakow and some old friends and spending time with my new ones was more than wonderful. Poland has, no doubt, become a very special place for me! Despite all the cultural differences, this country is a place where I strangely feel at home. Its people are as friendly and warm as they can possibly be, the places lead us to travel to Europe’s history and suddenly everything that used to be so distant, turns to be so close! And again, as it happens in every meeting, I feel grateful for being part of this amazing project!

Cristina Martinho, teacher, Portugal


12-17.11.2014 We visited Poland with project Comenius.We took home a lot of experiences and advices. From all these great programms, for us – from the Czech Republic the best was the trip to salt mine Wieliczka. It was a very funny and enlightening day for us. The next day, which we also liked,  was the first day of trip, where we saw the ,,Polish dancers´´ and we tried this Polish dance. We like this project Comenius very much and we hope it will continue, because it is a beautiful feeling, when you have friends in another country.

Marie Chocholáčová, student from the Czech Republic
Nikola Popelková, student from the Czech Republic


It was amazing to travel with the Comenius Project. It was my first trip abroad and everything was new. I had no idea what to expect. Would I like the food, my host family? Would I be able to speak English with everyone? It wasn’t easy on the first day but then everything was perfect. I learned so many things, met so many people and had so much fun, especially when we had free time to hang out with my new friends. And the food…well...I ate so many strange things but the truth is that I loved it! I love Poland, I love the Polish people and I love Comenius!

Catarina Bernardo, student from  Portugal


Our next educational trip was to Cracow, Poland, in November 2014. The welcome we were given, as well as the tour of the school that our Polish colleagues offered us were amazing. Our two pupils, as well as the pupils from other countries, were divided to the families that would host them. The event that took place in the City Hall was a presentation of traditional Polish dances. Many pupils of the school participated, and they taught foreign students their most popular traditional dance. The school had very comfortable facilities and they were beautifully decorated. There was also a restaurant where the pupils could take their lunch. When we went out there was always traditional food and music. The hospitality of both pupils and teachers was prefect and gave us the best impression. After we exchanged souvenirs we left full of excitement, planning our next educational trip.

Dinos, teacher from Greece


My school participated in the European project COMENIUS. So some kids together with our teachers visited different countries. I with this program visited Poland. My trip I like many thinks. The reception was amazing and they tried to make us feel beautiful. We visit difference places. To castle that had a dragon they made fire, report by plane, museum of salt and surprisingly my building was very impressed. Also they prepared various sports activities we had great fun. It was a very nice experience that will remember all my life !!!
George, student from Greece