Memories on Portugal

11/08/2015 21:33

My favourite day in Portugal was the day we spent at Portuguese school. We had to get up early because I think the school started at about 8 o’clock. We went by car with our host mum. She works in the school canteen as a cook. The school in Chaves is very large. We got our certificates during the first lesson and teachers got some presents. My second lesson was Portuguese. Now I can count from one to ten and say some phrases. After this lesson my host sister showed me around the playground, her friends and canteen. My last but not least lesson was Chemistry. It was nice. After Chemistry all the students went to the hall. We learnt Portuguese dance and Happy dance there. I love Happy dance! We also had lunch at school – spaghetti. After lunch we wend by a small train with wheels to the city hall, where we met the mayor. We saw sights in Chaves too. It has lots of beautiful places. This was the most amazing day!

Kristýna Valášková, student from the Czech Republic


Our Czech group enjoyed this meeting a lot. We experienced a nice trip to Guimaraes, walks around Chaves, funny moments during the dance workshop, unexpected freezing weather, we tried traditional food such as feijoada, francesinha, Portuguese sausages or very tasty sweets and desserts. But the thing that gave us the strongest impression was meeting the Portuguese students, teachers and families. All these wonderful people cared for us night and day and we found out that the personal relationships and new friendships are the most important value we could gain from this Comenius project.
Olga Fialová, teacher from Czech republic