Memories on Slovakia

11/08/2015 21:37

This time, the group of students and teachers involved in the project "Dance with me" travelled to our southern neighbours- Slovakia. After a seven hours coach travel and traumatic experiences related to the discovery of a lost phone, we reached our destination, which is the town Vrable. After a nice greeting (and the obligatory shots in front of the „celebrity wall"), the youth went with their temporary Slovak families for a well-deserved rest.
We spent some time at the school, where we celebrated „European Day” and participated in a number of fantastic events organized by the teachers and students of the host school. The hit of the visit was a Slovak folk song "dances, Tańcuj vykrocaj" to which we all learned the steps. We got to know the traditions of the region and the whole country and above all the taste of its food. However, when it comes to Bryndza we are not yet sure if it's actually a delicacy. One of the most interesting experiences was the visit to Nitra, where we managed to catch a glimpse at the history and culture of the country. The last day Polish representation of the project spent in the Slovak capital Bratislava, where we were actively waiting for the evening coach  to Poland. There was some sightseeing, chatting, a hunt for wifi, seeking souvenirs. and above all, lots and lots of laughter and positive atmosphere.

Ania, teacher from Poland


From the first moment we were impressed by the green plains that we crossed in order to reach Vrable. The town was also green, with beautiful gardens filled with flowers. The houses were pretty and the streets very clean. The people were calm, pleasant, simple and friendly. The Welcome Event at the Town Hall was impressive, as was the welcome we received from the pupils and the teachers. The sports facilities of the school were wonderful.
Our visit to Nitra, with its castles, the Synagogue, the Pedestrian Zone, was great, as was our visit to the Botanical Garden. The traditional food was delicious and the wine excellent. The traditional music was very entertaining.
Our visit to Vrable was a wonderful experience.

Katia, teacher from Greece


Due to our Comenius project, „Dance with me”, we went to Slovakia, which isn't very far, they are our neighbours, so we went by bus. We participated in workshops, classes and competitions. In the afternoon, each person spent time together with their host families. There were trips to nearby towns, bowling, to a restaurant, or for a pizza. There was definitely no shortage of attractions because Slovakia's host families did their best. During this time the school coordinators from 7 countries debated intensely over the very important aspects of the project. We visited together Nitra castle and the old part of the city of Nitra and a huge and beautifully landscaped botanical garden. We know one thing: Slovaks are an extremely friendly and hospitable nation, use a language that is impossible to understand, and above all, they love hockey and sheep milk cheese. I loved the visit very much, I met great people there and my host family is great!

Agnieszka, a student from Poland