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Memories on Turkey

11/08/2015 21:45
It was great practice exercise for English. You can learn everything, try everything, but what you can say, that´s  what you really know. When you are in another country when you can use only English, you can learn English. This is a great way for modern school programme. Really big thanks is...

Memories on Spain

11/08/2015 21:41
I met so many nice people and had  very nice time in Spain. I saw many beautiful places in Spain. I saw different cultre in Spain and this made me very happy. In schools in Spain had a very long recreation. That students were eating their meals in the long recreation. Not so long recreation...

Memories on Slovakia

11/08/2015 21:37
This time, the group of students and teachers involved in the project "Dance with me" travelled to our southern neighbours- Slovakia. After a seven hours coach travel and traumatic experiences related to the discovery of a lost phone, we reached our destination, which is the town Vrable. After a...

Memories on Portugal

11/08/2015 21:33
My favourite day in Portugal was the day we spent at Portuguese school. We had to get up early because I think the school started at about 8 o’clock. We went by car with our host mum. She works in the school canteen as a cook. The school in Chaves is very large. We got our certificates during the...

Memories on Poland

11/08/2015 21:26
Returning to Poland after ten years was an overwhelming experience. Revisiting Krakow and some old friends and spending time with my new ones was more than wonderful. Poland has, no doubt, become a very special place for me! Despite all the cultural differences, this country is a place where I...

Memories on Greece

11/08/2015 21:18
My dear Greek Friends!! I lived an unforgettable experience in Greece, so many emotions and mixed feelings. I had the opportunity to know fantastic people and awesome places. I tasted delicious food and I learnt and enjoyed the “Zorba dance”. In this trip, every moment, every detail was taken care...

Memories on Czech republic

11/08/2015 21:12
The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe that borders Poland to the north, Germany to the west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east. The Czech Republic is a very beautiful country with many sights and full of trees. The houses are beautiful, the streets and the parks are...

Happy - tutorial video

10/07/2015 20:46
Tutorial video for common students´ choreography is here !

The eighth meeting in Dikili - Izmir, Turkey

08/07/2015 21:19
The eighth meeting (15 May to 20 May 2015) in Dikili - Izmir, Turkey

The seventh meeting in Giannitsa, Greece

14/06/2015 21:44
The seventh meeting (11 March to 16 March 2015) in Giannitsa, Greece
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