Caudete [Spain]

About school...

Our center is located in one of the areas of urban expansion of Caudete, will be surrounded by new buildings. Despite being the last school building built in our area, we have become the center with increased demand for schooling.
Type of center.
Our center is a school of one line for level, with more than two hundred students. It has three kindergarten classrooms, six primary classrooms, one of PT for students with learning dissorders,  and other AL for students with language dissorders. It consists of two buildings one for primary and one for kindergarten classroms, with their courtyards and other outbuildings, staffroom material stores etc ... The two buildings are separated by a pedestrian.
We have 214 students and 16 teachers. Our students has from 3 years old  to 12 years old.

Computer room.
PT Classroom:
Classroom Guidance and AL.
Music Room:
English Classroom.
Staff room:
Management offices.

FEATURES of the educational community.
Our students, from diverse socioeconomic level, predominantly a medium level, assists the center in good condition, some families supported by social services. Highlight the incorporation of immigrant students of North African origin, Hispanic American, and to a lesser extent in Europe.
The faculty is made up of people of all ages. With clear predominance of women in the proportion of 75% to 25%. On average, 90% of the workforce, with small annual variations, has final destination at the Centre.
The center's staff consists of three Early Childhood Education Tutors, six tutors Primary Education, an English teacher, a physical education teacher, a music teacher shared a shared counselor, a teachers PT and PT (learning dissorders support), a teacher of Catholic religion.
Caudete Today is a modern town, entrepreneurial and dynamic. It has approximately 10,000 habitants and infrastructure and public facilities are at a high level. We have sports halls, athletics tracks, pools, Culture House, Library, Auditorium, Multipurpose Center, School of Music, Exhibition Hall, Museum of Watercolor, etc..
Caudete years ago that left his farm structures, now has a gradual growing and industrial development, which currently guarantee their good future prospects.
The industry has spearheaded the glass sector. They are very important international transport, the construction sector and small and medium enterprises. It has built an industrial estate.