Základní škola Veselí nad Moravou, Hutník 1456, okres Hodonín
Veselí nad Moravou [Czech republic]

About school...

The school is situated in Veselí nad Moravou – a small town (about 12,000 inhabitants) in the south of the Czech Republic, close to the border with Austria and Slovakia. We can find here, many beautiful interesting places and things. Not just Veselí nad Moravou but the whole region is connected with folk traditions and culture. Colourful costumes, ancient customs and forgotten crafts are part of everyday life – not mentioning the characteristic dialects, gently lyrical or vigorous and rhythmic folk songs, dances and dulcimer music whose beauty can be enjoyed at Moravian folk festivals.
There are 3 primary schools in the town and the pupils are divided either by the area of residence or by their own choice.Our school is called Základní škola Veselí nad Moravou and it has 501 pupils and 37 teachers. The pupils are aged 6 – 15, all of them learn English since the 3rd grade. Some of them learn German, Russian or French language as well because our school is focused on learning foreign languages. Among the pupils attending our school there are children from different social backgrounds, pupils with special educational needs, also pupils belonging to ethnic minorities. Even though they are fully integrated into the class, we pay attention to them and their special needs by cooperating with social service centrum, health centres, educational specialist and psychological terapist, who support the educational process.
Our children can do many activities after their lessons. For example they can join the English club to improve their communication skills or pottery and art lessons to use and develop their creativity.  If they like acting and dancing, they can attend our drama club, which has its public performance every year. There are also many different sport clubs – handball, football, floorball and athletics.