Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Integracyjnych nr 5 w Krakowie
Kraków [Poland]


About school...

The school is situated in the city of Cracow, in the Nowa Huta district, where used to operate T. Sendzimir Steelworks used to operate, employing the majority of the neighbourhood’s inhabitants until recently. The inhabitants of Nowa Huta are, in majority, people who moved to the neighbourhood from the provinces of małopolskie and podkarpackie. Recently, the metallurgical factory has been changing the profile of its activity, limiting it to a great extent. Therefore, the problem of unemployment has been increasing n the area for years.The neighbourhood of Nowa Huta is still changing its look due to economic and social changes.

Among the children and teenagers attending our school there are students from different social backgrounds, students with special educational needs, also students belonging to ethnic minorities. By introducing an inclusive system of education our school adapted its activity to the social background problems that have appeared. (The inclusive educational system is based on: educational programmes aimed at full development of students’ personalities, preventing social pathologies – by organizing sport activities, creating interest workshops, etc.).
The school employs educational specialists, speech therapists, eyesight therapist, psychological therapists, reeducators, who support the educational process.
There is also Fundacja na Rzecz Pomocy Dzieciom (Help For Children Foundation) - a non-profit charity organisation functioning within the school.

Also, it cooperates with charity organizations, social service centres, health centres, and colleges and universities.
The school has been presented with the European Network of Health Promoting Schools Certificate and the promotion of health is one of the school's priorities. Within the exchange of experience, the school cooperates with the Polish network of health promoting schools, with colleges, universities and other schools in Cracow. The school often organizes conferences devoted to health promotion and inclusive education.