Základná škola s materskou školou, Lúky 1226, Vráble
Vráble [Slovakia]

About school...

The school is situated in small town Vráble which has approximately 10000 inhabitants and lies in the south-west part of Slovakia. Our town is very important for its industrial park with factories offering work to many people from Vráble and its surrounding. In Vráble there is a cinema, cultural house, library, sport hall, bicross track, football stadium, etc. During the year there are some traditional festivals, typical for our town. There are four primary schools, a grammar school, an electro-technical secondary school and three kindergartens in our townOur school was established in 1983. It includes pre-primary and primary education. We teach about 320 pupils who are aged from 6 to 15. Forty-nine people work there. Thirty-five of them are pedagogical employees. Psychological and speech therapists have got office in our school. Our students are taught English as the first foreign language from the first grade. As the second foreign language is taught German from the sixth grade. Our school has got  a special sport class focusing on football  in the fifth grade. Children have got many possibilities how to spend time after school. They can attend children's school club, three English clubs, drama club, art lessons, etc. They can play and do a variety of sports such as floorball, hockeyball, football, badminton, gymnastics, chess. Our pupils like to join many competitions and activities. They like to be successful and they usually are successful.
 Our pupils are from different social background. Some of our pupils belong to ethnic minority. We have also got pupils with special educational needs. Our school cooperates with pedagogical centres to detect children's problem with learning and to get advice how to help these children and work with them during the educational process. It also cooperates with social service centre.