Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. António Granjo
Chaves [Portugal]

About school...

Chaves is in the northeast part of Portugal, near the border with Spain, a town of 16500 habitants, with river Tâmega crossing the town. We have a project with the closest Spanish town called Verin for cultural activities.
Chaves was a build in the roman time, so we have some structures related to that time - roman bridge, for example. We also have some interesting places to visit with cultural and religious relevance: churches, santuaries, chapels, public gardens, and hot spa.
Of course we also have modern buildings like a Casino, since Chaves is a town related to tourism, because of the hot natural spa.
Being situated in the north of the country is an agricultural area, because people cultivate many of the vegetables and raise the animals.There are 3 public secondary schools in Chaves and usually the students are divided by areas of residence, one public livrary, archeological museum, swimming pool, and other sport facilities.
Our school, is a general school composed by 2 main buildings with several class rooms, including gymansium, laboratories, computer rooms (all of which are, usually, connected to internet and possess a special board), library, cantina, reprography, classroom for special needs students.
It is a public school that result from the joint of 2 big schools (basic school+secondary school), led by an interim headmaster until elections. In our school there are around 2000 students and 150 teachers, from several fields: from kindergraden until secondary subjects. The student´s age ranges from 3 - 20. We also attend students with special needs that also have spceial facilities and classes to accomodate them, although the school tries to include these students in normal classes with regular students - inclusion. Usually they have regular classes of physical education, music, depending on the level of special need.