Dikili Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu
Dikili [Turkey]

About school...

Our school is a public school situated by the coastal area of Aegean Sea, in Dikili, a district of Izmir Province. It is a summer resort area having a rich history back to pre-history  and ancient times of unexplored sites nearby. The area is crowded with tourists in summertime, however it becomes a deserted place in winter when local tourists leave the town.
 The most important thing about our school is that many of our pupils come from villages by buses or walking from a quite far distance since it is the central  secondary school in the town. Some of our pupils even stay in tents. Our pupils come from different ethnic origins whose parents have  migrated here for employment in harbour transportation, tourism  or farm works. Some of them are the children of broken families, but eager to study to be able to stand on their own feet in their lives. We have some pupils who need special education at school, they would like to be participant of our project with their  highly-developed dance performances.
 This project will be the first Comenius Project in our town and thats why, it will be an example for other institutions in the town. That will be great honour for our pupils, teachers and staff to be the representative of EU lifelong learning programmes and inform others about such projects.
  Thanks to this project,  our pupils will have a great chance to practise their English and broaden vision towards the European lives. They will experience the sense of responsibility by being active participants int he project and learn about other cultures, make new friends, meet new tradition and customs.  As teachers, our vision at school is to teach our pupils to be respectful, creative, peaceful and responsible for the future of the society. We strive to empower them to be people who know how to share with others in order to gain knowledge and develop the ability to solve problems. In order to prepare the students for success, our teachers, administrators, students participate in local and internationonal projects. We have recieved several awards as a result of our efforts.
The Comenius project will help our students progress in many ways. This will be an unforgetable experience for the students. Not only the ones participate to project, but also their families, friends, and teachers will have the opportunity to learn about other countries. Dance doesn't need any language to communicate. We believe this project will connect all cultures of Europe through dance.